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汤圆、饺子和爸爸妈妈生活在一个温暖的家庭里。除夕清晨,汤圆和饺子兴高采烈地穿着好准备去爷爷奶奶家,却看到正在家里打扫的爸爸妈妈,原来爸爸妈妈忘记告诉他们一个秘密 - 姥姥姥爷从南方过来陪汤圆饺子一家过春节。为了逗孩子们开心,爸爸讲起了小猪佩奇去儿童节的故事。

想念孩子们的爷爷奶奶提早结束了三亚的旅程,赶回到了北方。奶奶抵达后为孩子们讲述了小猪佩奇在儿童节的第二天遇到了意想不到的事情。爷爷奶奶的到来为家中增添了浓浓的年味并一起体验了传统的中国习俗 - 挂中国节,剪窗花,贴春联,发红包等。他们和佩奇乔治一样,每经历一件事情,就会让他们更加热爱彼此,热爱家人,热爱生活。


Tang Yuan and Jiao Zi live happily with their mom and dad. On the morning of Chinese New Year’s Eve, Tang Yuan and Jiao Zi were cheerful in planning to go to grandpa and grandma’s home (dad’s side) while surprised to see their parents were busy cleaning the house. Dad and mom forgot to tell Tang Yuan and Jiao Zi that their grandpa and grandma (mom’s side) would come over from the south to spend the Chinese New Year with them. To cheer up the kids, Dad told a story about Peppa on a kid’s festival.

Missing their grandkids so much, grandpa and grandma (dad’s side) cut short their vacation in Sanya and came back to the north. The grandma told the kids about the unexpected happening during Peppa’s adventure on the 2nd day of the kid’s festival. The arrival of grandpa and grandma added a lot of CNY festival mood to the family. Together the family experienced many Chinese traditional customs like hanging up the Chinese knot, paper cutting, sticking the spring festival scrolls and sending red packet etc. Like Peppa and George, they love the family, life and each other more after each experience.

Featuring brand new Peppa Pig episodes, as well as some fan favourites, Tang Yuan, Jiao Zi and their family enjoy Chinese New Year together, learning about traditions, and sharing Peppa Pig stories along the way. Please note: Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year is in the Mandarin language with English subtitles.

导演 Director张大鹏 Dapeng Zhang
Mark Baker
Neville Astley
Joris van Hulzen
Sarah Roper

编剧 Screenwriter张大鹏 Dapeng Zhang
Mark Baker
Neville Astley
Matilda Tristram

演员 Cast朱亚文 Yawen Zhang
刘芸 Yun Liu
归亚蕾 Ah-Leh Gua
常蓝天 Lantian Chang
方青卓 Qingzhuo Fang
李大光 Daguang Li
王圣迪 Angela Wang
单禹豪 Yuhao Shan